"How to Peach" - Available Now


“—Fusing a touch of theatrical, creative freedom with a well-educated & structurally aware musicality, Resilient present instrumental prowess & a wonderfully unique leading vocal. Once you’re involved, you also get varying subject matters & meandering emotional depth."
– Rebecca Cullen @ Stereo Stickman
(full article: http://stereostickman.com/reviews/resilient-how-to-peach/)

“—Resilient manage to craft a nostalgic yet fresh set of songs on How to Peach. There’s a solid mix of thrash until you collapse tracks mixed with low key songs that show off the band’s range. The band’s energy is palpable throughout and, as a listener, you can’t help but fall under their spell.”
– Jessica @ Under Bright Lights
(full article: http://www.ublblog.com/album-review-resilient-how-to-peach/)

“In simple terms, Resilient are a band with depth when they want it and volume when they need it. That’s not an easy tightrope to walk and I think that, on the evidence presented to my ears, Resilient also seem to lack the fear of complexity that causes lesser bands to rapidly fall back into the, now rather passé, comfort zone of computer enhancement.”
– Bluesbunny Music
(full article: https://www.bluesbunny.com/Reviews/ReviewID/2711/xmps/11123)