We are pumped to be hosting BrainFest again this year on May 21 at the place where it all started for half of us: The Bridgeport Ribhouse. This cause is very close to our hearts and has made us who we are as a band. For those of you that don't know our story or the whole story of BrainFest, here's a bit of background... In October of 2013, we had just gotten started jammin together and we were all going through a lot in our lives individually.  This band seemed to be the glue that held everything together and kept us from falling apart.  We had barely even started playing shows and figuring out a full set--let alone a name.  One night, after what was supposed to be a random routine doctor's appointment, Erin showed up to practice to slowly break the news that would change everything: they found what they had deemed to be a "signal abnormality" in her brain, and suspected it to be a tumor in its early phases.  The docs told her she would be transferred to The Hospital of the University of Penn the following week to discuss options... We finished out our shows for the month and canceled everything else for the next six weeks while they opted to perform brain surgery (more specifically, a craniotomy) to remove the tumor. Not even a year prior, the Fox sisters' mother had also just recovered from a nearly inoperable brain tumor and they had also lost a close family friend (who happened to be Kate's first drum instructor) to glioblastoma – the deadliest kind of brain tumor.  The situation hit them hard. 12194514_10153647010666605_5272239455715267626_o   So while in the hospital, Erin told Katie that if she survived, she wanted to put on a benefit concert for those still suffering with brain tumors.  Everyone hoped for the best and prepared for the worst and the surgery was a remarkable success. That May, BrainFest was born.  It's been held annually ever since and continues to grow. BrainFest is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the advancement in the understanding and treatment of brain tumors. The event has featured educational games, stories, raffles, prizes, and live music from some of the area's most talented local musicians and members of the brain tumor community of friends, families, and survivors. All proceeds benefit the American Brain Tumor Association - the first and now the only national nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to providing support services and programs to brain tumor patients and their families, as well as the funding of brain tumor research since 1973 (   brainfest walk flyer We'll be stepping up the FEST this year by also including an awareness walk at Bridgeport Memorial Park the morning of the event (visit to register)... If you want to attend the walk, you can purchase tickets in advance by visiting the link above.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and suitable walking shoes.  We'll have special prizes for our walkers as well!  BONUS points if you show up wearing GREY! We have also offered ticket packages for those who wish to attend both the walk and the festival.  This includes a discount for child attendees.   You can also join the facebook event here: BrainFest 2016       BRAINFEST Dine & Donate Flyer This year's outreach also includes a community-wide dine-and-donate during fest weekend in support of BRAINFEST. To learn more about how you can participate, send your info to   Thanks to the American Brain Tumor Association, the lives of those with a diagnosis are changing every day. Support and donations from the last year alone has enabled them to provide the first clinical practice guidelines for adult and pediatric brain tumor patients, fund 35 research studies in the U.S. focusing on brain tumors, and provide personalized information and support to over 3,500 patients and family members (just to name a few). There are nearly 700,000 people in the U.S. living with a brain tumor and nearly 14,000 will lose their battle this year. Brain and central nervous system tumors are also the most common cancers among children ages 0-19. Every research dollar is critical and counts towards the discovery of new and improved treatment options. More importantly, even the smallest amount of awareness can save a life.   _________________________________________ BRAINFEST 2016 - Artist Lineup Winkle & The Wanderers Resilient Alright Junior Work Release Sweet Eureka Civil Discord Adrastea London Calling! Red Means Run More Than Sound Canadian Tuxedo Revolution, I Love You The MP3s Mesa Jane School of Rock Philly Fort Washington School of Rock ___________________________________________ Folks are asking, "how else can I help?"  "how can I show my participation?"BRAINFEST FLYER Well there are lots of ways you can do this.  Every bit of awareness is important in an effort as large as brain tumor research/treatment. Any amount of support is deeply appreciated whether it’s a raffle donation, volunteering, advertising, your attendance at the festival, or just simply by spreading the word. Every research dollar counts towards the discovery of new and improved treatment options and even the smallest amount of awareness can save a life.   This year, we hope to raise at least $10,000 for the ABTA, so we hope you can come to the fest and/or donate what you can to help us reach our donation goal in support of brain tumor research and cures.   Thanks for reading! And don't forget to go grey in MAY!   To become a part of BRAINFEST, email BRAINFEST in the news: American Brain Tumor Association: Keep in the loop: