June and things…

Well, well, welllllll It has been a bit since our last update.  For that, we sorry yo! Life has been crazy these past few weeks.  Now that BRAINFEST is over, we can take a second (but probably only a second) to breathe before we get back to rehearsing, releasing new music, making merch, art projects, planning our tour, and other thangs. So in a nutshell, here's a brief update on what's happening in Resilient world...

BRAINFEST 2016 BrainFest was a huge success.  We raised close to 6k for The American Brain Tumor Association at the end of it all and we are still going because we ran out of t-shirts so quickly, we had to do another order. 13217148_10154250204608804_8650331814601487389_o 13268482_10207953568791491_2111799288394178206_o By the way, if you do want a BRAINFEST tee, message the band or the BRAINFEST facebook page with your size and we will get one to you.   13246352_1734448956823277_5642441972812642383_o13235181_1734449053489934_7625717521685440943_o They're $20 this go-round.  All proceeds are going towards the cause still.  The donation portal will remain active through the month of June as well if anyone is just interested in donating online in general: http://hope.abta.org/brainfest  

Connie's RicRac

13268485_715736075235231_7167714549367647252_o We missed the boat on posting an update here for what was probably one of the sickest shows we've ever played.  Special thanks to our buddy Matt from Secret Nudist Friends for hookin it up. Every band was amazing and we hope to cross paths again soon. We enjoyed hangin out, guzzling some craft beers, and doing some arts & crafts summer camp style with friends old and new, human and fiberglass.  So thanks to everyone who came to hang out and support!   IMG_0100  

i99Radio Birthday Bash! 

We are excited and honored to have been asked to perform at this year's i99Radio Birthday Bash alongside an incredible lineup of artists! This station has supported its local artists since its birth!  So let's celebrate what this city's local scene needs more than anything! This is happening June 12 at District N9ne in Philly.  For tickets and more info, please visit: http://www.i99birthdaybash.com/ 13301525_514202092102873_6530958111884889584_o  

ZINE Fest!

We are excited to play another 228 show at The Pickering Creek Inn in Phoenixville, PA for this super special show for ZINE FEST 2016 🙂 Who knows?  We may have our very own put together by then...   If you've never made a zine, then all the more reason to attend!  Join us for a day of music, art, and shenanigans on June 19 at the Pick in Phoenixville! 5007372 As always...Like Resilient on Facebook to stay up to date with shows/tour dates and details.   kte7_5                                


  We've got some new merch brewing for our upcoming release show July 9th.  You may or may not be able to snag some of these items as we obtain them ahead of time (jussayin).  So, again..,just come out!   IMG_0135 You won't regret it 😀  


  The "Imagining Things" release show is scheduled for July 9th at Milkboy in Philly.  We are playing with longtime friends, Alright Junior, The Good Mess, and Burned out Still Glowing.  You can get advanced tix to this show online HERE And we'll finally have pressed copies of the full record available at the show 😀 We received very kind feedback about the record recently from our friend, Jeremy, at SleepingBagStudios.  Check out the full review here: http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/resilient-imagining-things/ And if you haven't listened to "Imagining Things" yet, head over to our bandcamp and give it a spin: http://resilient.bandcamp.com 12715394_1813524605541389_2883836858886877544_n  


We will have more details on this probably in a month or so..but so far looks like we'll be heading out on tour the end of August in support of "Imagining Things". We are ecstatic and want to extend a virtual hug and a thank you to anyone who's come to a show, bought a piece of merch, liked our pages, or even just listened to a song.  Your support is everything. We have lots of other shows in the area coming up too that we'll letcha know about separately because this is already way too long! So stay tuned for more updates. We'll try to check back in sooner next time, kidd0s.     Allthelove, erin, katie, alicia, & bucky