Katie’s Corner…

"The best part of being in this band, and maybe the best part of being in any band, is composing the songs together. Erin always has a smooth arrangement from start to finish, almost like the song could be complete already; but when we get to sit in and learn it, it opens up another avenue for the song. The song isn't changing at all, but when I'm learning it, I'm trying to make sure I can take the song to the level it needs to be at. I'm pretty much always happy with what the finished product sounds like.
Playing them live is also amazing. Once we know the songs, we get to experience them together. When we're all well rehearsed and we know the set and the way it's supposed to flow, I can really just enjoy the whole thing. I feel like we can't mess up because playing live leaves the opportunity for us to change things a bit. Hopefully this doesn't happen, but when I make a mistake, I try to make eye contact or something with someone so that we're together on it, and the song isn't really interrupted or ruined. As long as we stay together through the whole thing, we should be fine.
So far this band has been a great experience, and I look forward to everything we do."