Music Video

Golly gee willikers!  It's been a crazy month! Tour was absolutely wonderful, despite initial booking mishaps. Once we figured out that the promoter on this tour was a joker, we ended up somehow finding better shows to play than we originally had booked for half our dates. That's the true beauty of a music scene: bands helping other bands out--even if you don't know each other--simply because you both love music. photo-nov-22-7-40-13-pm We can't thank the people who were there to help us on the road enough! We made so many new friends through bands and couchsurfing. Our hosts were absolutely spectacular on a whole other level! Folks really aren't kidding when they tell you about that Midwestern hospitality! photo-nov-21-2-52-15-pm It's a toss up between a couple cities, but Cincinnati is definitely one of our new all-time favorites for sure. We hope to find our way back soon because we miss you guys already!   photo-nov-23-11-02-38-pm   After we got home on Thanksgiving and did our best not to pass out at the dinner table, we shot our first music video for our song, "I'm Onto You" within the same week. resilient_imontoyou_bw_120716_124 We've been wanting to do this since early Summer, but it took this long for us to get our shit together. With this video, we hope to convey a strong, positive message against sexual violence in a silly, kill-bill-meets-foo-fighters kind of way. resilient_imontoyou_bw_120716_132 Shooting this video was the most exhausting and rewarding thing we've done besides touring together.  We have mad respect for people who spend full days on set and still keep it fresh. That takes some serious motivation! We were lucky enough to be joined on set by many great people in our lives, who will be featured in this video.  You guys are what keeps us doing what we do. resilient_imontoyou_bw_120716_196 Special thanks goes to the crew; cinematographer, Todd Rawiszer; and our director, Jay Yachetta, for bringing our vision to life! resilient_imontoyou_bw_120716_097 resilient_imontoyou_bw_120716_001 Big thanks, also, to Mike Arrison for the amazing photos! Keep an eye out for more updates on our video: "I'm Onto You"   Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidaze!   Love, -Alicia, Bucky, Erin, & Katie