“—In the short time since Imagining Things, the four-piece, femme-driven group’s How to Peach already feels more refined, tighter, more focused than before. Of course, Resilient haven’t lost any of their essence or flare at the same time; the fuzzy electric guitars are still wailing, the lyrics are still hard-hitting and the vocals still burning. Perhaps the transition from DIY to recording at a studio played a part, but either way How to Peach is a resounding success of a sophomore release.”Emily Reiling @ WXPN (full article: “—With heavy grunge vibes and a strong female lead, this band will give you flashbacks of "Hole" and other greats of the 90's. Their first music video was released this past March and is a must watch. The band is also going on tour starting this August all across the Eastern and Midwest United States,so be sure to check out their tour dates on their website..” — Erica Stouffer @Buzzfeed  comm. “—In a time with all of the political drama, and just generally being held down (and harassed) by ‘the man’ (see: most men) for longer than should be permissible, it’s an incredible feeling to come across a band that makes you feel empowered, and in control.  The female (mostly) band from Philly, Resilient, gives off those dont-give-a-fuck vibes that we appreciate on their new full-length album How to Peach.”Kay @ Left Bank Magazine (full article: