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  • “—In the short time since Imagining Things, the four-piece, femme-driven group’s How to Peach already feels more refined, tighter, more focused than before. Of course, Resilient haven’t lost any of their essence or flare at the same time; the fuzzy electric guitars are still wailing, the lyrics are still hard-hitting and the vocals still burning. Perhaps the transition from DIY to recording at a studio played a part, but either way How to Peach is a resounding success of a sophomore release.” — Emily Reiling @ WXPN
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  • “—With heavy grunge vibes and a strong female lead, this band will give you flashbacks of "Hole" and other greats of the 90's. Their first music video was released this past March and is a must watch. The band is also going on tour starting this August all across the Eastern and Midwest United States, so be sure to check out their tour dates on their website..” — Erica Stouffer @ Buzzfeed 
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  • "After the wild amount of support and critical acclaim for their debut album Imagining Things, released last year, the female-driven alt-rock band from Philly took the inspiration straight back into the studio to immediately begin writing & recording an onslaught of stunning and powerful new material for their upcoming sophomore record, “How To Peach”. On a mission to expand their music in every possible direction and follow their creativity down the rabbit-hole further than ever before – “How To Peach” takes the experience that began with Imagining Things to a gripping new dimension of Resilient’s sound. The insatiably blissful crunch of the distorted guitar-riffs on the album’s lead-single “Slack” and the mysterious & melodic journey it takes is all the proof anyone would need to hear to know that sounds this adventurous and passionate are the results of being inspired to that next creative breakthrough. The punched-up push & pull to the massively-addictive sound of “Slack” is ambitious, raw and real; the intensity in the performance & the quality of the writing shows this band has continued to grow rapidly, and the entire combination results in maximum entertainment revealed in a captivating slow-burn. Resilient hasn’t taken shortcuts the second time around – they put in twice the effort at the very least..." — Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studios
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  • "—the band last year released its debut, Imagining Things, on Bandcamp and CD. A tidy project that falls in the longer-than-an-EP, shorter-than-a-full-length zone, the record comes out swinging with raw modern rock riffs, powerful rhythms and catchy, anthemic hooks over the course of seven jam-packed jams. The band is instrumentally complex — you’ll hear no three-chord bruisers in this set — but never overly so, flexing its skill while keeping catchiness and accessibility in its sights." — John Vettese @ WXPN
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  • "With music as insightful & thought-provoking easily as powerful as the crunch of their sound – Resilient is ready to take the world by storm on Imagining Things…or if necessary…by force!"
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