• “—the band last year released its debut, Imagining Things, on Bandcamp and CD. A tidy project that falls in the longer-than-an-EP, shorter-than-a-full-length zone, the record comes out swinging with raw modern rock riffs, powerful rhythms and catchy, anthemic hooks over the course of seven jam-packed jams. The band is instrumentally complex — you’ll hear no three-chord bruisers in this set — but never overly so, flexing its skill while keeping catchiness and accessibility in its sights.” — John Vettese @ WXPN

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  • “I’m expecting massive things to come from Resilient…and I’d be willing to bet on this band being insanely electric and amazing in a live-setting based on everything I’ve heard on this record.  All of this works.  ALL of it.  You hearing me out there people?” – Jer @ SBS

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  • “With music as insightful & thought-provoking easily as powerful as the crunch of their sound – Resilient is ready to take the world by storm on Imagining Things…or if necessary…by force!”

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