new news!

We've been a bunch of busy bees recording, playing shows, planning for our upcoming tour, and more! A lot has happened since our last update: We have teamed up with our brotato, Mr. Lennon Cantwell, from Burned Out Still Glowing in Buckminster's absence (ps...he is safe on the trail and trekkin through Maine as we speak)! Lennon's brought so much to our lil ole band in the short time he's been jammin with us and we look forward to how our musical futures unfold together 🙂 18952824_1549166085107594_832757700413760241_n   We will be part of WXPN The Key's summer showcase at Milkboy in Center City on July 26th with our friends, HoneyTiger and The Vernes!  Come thru, Philly! 18891568_1337161606391271_6542344303965743151_o Our new record, "How to Peach", is currently being mixed by the amazing Mr. Leeland McCartney at Westtown Entertainment! 18836735_1257770950998170_7134542211658367662_o 18879888_1257771394331459_8407897166398867438_o We hope to have our new record ready for you and in your hands by July 30th.  We'll be unleashing it at The Barbary with our dear friends, Alright Junior, Superblonde, & more.  Join us if you dare!   18358604_10158906092890227_4190281187188268881_o   We'll be hittin the road again this August to explore more uncharted territory in the South, out West, and up North a bit. Keep your eyes peeled more more on that.   mini bus     Hope everyone got their fair share of firetwerks yesterday We thank you, as always, for your support.  You're the bahamas' pajamas <3       xoxo   erin, katie, alicia, lennon